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Waste to Work 

Waste to Work is a private company established in 2019 to provide a new service to the Australian market seeking zero waste to landfill.


Transformational technology

Waste to Work applies cutting edge Australian gasification technology to transform problematic waste into valuable resources

Energy and resource recovery

Waste to Work converts contaminated and post recyclable plastic, rubber, and organic materials to syngas, electricity, and carbon without polluting emissions

For a Circular Economy

Waste to Work believe that waste is just a resource ready to be transformed for its next purpose



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Waste to Energy

Waste to Work gasifies a range of municipal and agricultural waste products to produce clean syngas for electricity generation. This contributes to the circular economy.

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Industrial Syngas

Waste to Work can provide clean high quality syngas for the production of liquid fuels, synthetic natural gas, ammonia, and urea.

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Biochar and Carbon Black

Waste to Work produces high quality biochar and carbon black for agricultural and industrial use, and for carbon sequestration.




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