Gasification circular economy_edited.png

The circular economy is a concept where waste is designed out of economic activity, where products and materials are kept in use, and where natural systems are regenerated.


Our current economy is linear: based on take, make, and waste. Every day we throw economically valuable resources into landfill.

Waste to Work takes end-of-life and post-recyclable organic and fossil-fuel-based materials, diverting them from landfill, and transforms them through gasification for reuse in the circular economy. 

Syngas, biochar, and carbon black are high value feedstocks for a range of industrial, technical, and commercial purposes.

Electricity produced from syngas may be renewable and with heat captured from the gasification process can provide energy for commercial and industrial use.

Biochar has an important role to play in regenerating agricultural soil and is a stable form of stored atmospheric carbon available for sequestration.